The Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation (EABC) is established as a federal government public enterprise by Council of Ministers Regulation Number 368/2015 with the authorized capital of birr 2 billion 440 million of which birr 610 million is paid up in cash and in kind.

The corporation was formed by merging five state owned Enterprises; namely Ethiopian Seed Enterprise, Agricultural Inputs Supply Enterprise, Agricultural Equipment and Technical Services Share Company, Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprise, and Natural Gum Processing and Marketing Enterprises.

Currently, the corporation which has 24 branches and stations in different regions, is accountable to Public Enterprises Holding Administration and managed by board of directors.

For achieving the mission, the corporation is supplying agricultural inputs (improved seeds, fertilizers & agrochemicals), reliable, modern and high quality agricultural machineries and spare parts, construction equipment and chemical spraying equipment at affordable price.

Besides, importing and assembling agricultural equipment, rendering integrated agricultural mechanization and maintenance service as well as providing rental services of agricultural machineries and transport vehicles (heavy goods vehicles), consultancy and technical training services are among the duties and responsibilities of the corporation.

Since its establishment in December 2015 EABC has registered a remarkable achievement in the sector. In line with this promising result, the corporation has also endeavored to continue to play an important role in modernizing agriculture, boosting production and productivity at the national level.

As a result, the corporation has been able to meet its authorized capital in five years period and this can be taken as one of an indication of its success over the previous years. Overall, the corporation is contributing to the modernization of agriculture and the growth of productivity through integrated agricultural development activities from land preparation to warehouse.

Purposes of Establishment

The purpose for which the Corporation is established are:

1. to buy from domestic and international markets and supply agricultural inputs, process same; undertake agricultural inputs market price stabilization activities;

2. to render agricultural mechanization services, agricultural and construction equipment repair services and provide rental services of agricultural machineries and transport vehicles;

3. to buy from domestic and international markets and supply agricultural machineries and spare parts, construction equipment and agro-chemicals;

4. to provide necessary education for promotion of the use of modern agricultural machineries; provide consultancy service in handling and use of agricultural machineries and provide on the job technical trainings;

5. to harvest, buy, value add to and process natural gum, produce other forest products, and supply to domestic and international markets;

6. to undertake agricultural land development studies and preparation of designs, agricultural land surveying, clearing,  leveling, drainage end irrigation activities as well as other activities  related to agricultural land development;

7. to cause undertaking of feasibility studies, design preparation, technology selection and negotiation, erection and commissioning of new and expansion projects as well as for research activities;

8. to cause the local designing and manufacturing of agricultural machineries and spare parts in partnership with capable local and foreign companies;

9. to work in cooperation with the concerned educational research and training institutions in producing trained manpower in such fields, numbers and quality as required by the sector,

10.  to undertake studies, based on direction given to it by the Ministry of Public Enterprises, for the acquisition of financial, technological and modem governance inputs (including attracting investments or participating in investments) that can help it to become competitive; both locally and globally, and profitable and implement same upon approval;

11. to multiply, clean and process pre-basic, basic and certified seeds of various crop; vegetables and fruits; where necessary import pre-basic seeds and cause their production or sale them; to sell byproducts;

12. to undertake research and implement improvements with respect to the supply of agricultural inputs, agricultural machineries repair, the production and marketing of natural gum, mechanization services and related matters and thereby ensure its competitiveness.

13. to sell bonds, collateralize, negotiate and sign loan agreements with local and foreign sources in accordance with directives issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Corporation and on the basis of the guidance of Ministry of Public Enterprise;

14. to engage in other related activities for the attainment of its purposes.

Organizational Set-up Currently, EABC is organized into two sectors namely Corporate Operation main Sector and Corporate Resource Management Sector accountable to the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation. According to the new structure of the Corporation four sectors, 19 branches and six sub branches located in different regions of the country; organized under Corporate Operation main Sector D/Chief Executive Officer and four support giving units led by Corporate Resource Management Sector D/Chief Executive Officer. And the remaining six corporate service giving units are accountable to the Chief Executive Officer