If you need to buy or rent reliable, modern and quality agricultural machinery and spare parts, please pay a visit to the Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation.

Importing and assembling agricultural equipment, rendering integrated agricultural mechanization services and providing maintenance service for farm equipment at an affordable price are among the responsibilities and functions of the Corporation.In this regard, the Corporation is working hard to satisfy the needs of its customers by importing reliable, modern and high-quality agricultural equipment and spare parts from Europe.

Currently, the Corporation is providing farm equipment like furrower and disc plows as well as tyre with inner tubes, batteries, filters, etc from Germany. And we assure you that these equipment are used for different soil types in all seasons. 

The Corporation also offers tractor, combiner, dozer, front loader, excavator and grader rental services for land clearing, leveling, land preparation activities, threshing, harvesting as well as for constructing road and irrigation canal.

Besides, integrated agricultural mechanization services are also provided upon customer’s request. In line with the fact that our customers continue to be witnesses to our efficient service and reliable supply.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our Corporation. And hoping that you continue to enjoy our services.

Let’s work together to modernize the agriculture sector!


Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation is located 1km away from HORIZON ADDIS TYRE S.C. or Volvo or Fafa Food Share Company on the road to Kaliti 

For further information, please contact us through the following phone numbers and email address:

                                +251-114 – 42 28 82

                                +251-114 – 42 41 77/84